Gamification application that is integrated into Microsoft Teams where you can answer questions related to Microsoft 365 and earn points

What is PlayQuiz?

PlayQuiz is a SaaS application that is integrated into Microsoft Teams where 3 questions from the Microsoft 365 ecosystem can be answered daily to “earn” digital knowledge points.

By including gamification in the company, users gain insight into best practices for using Microsoft 365 tools.

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Value proposal

It helps to know Microsoft 365

PlayQuiz helps companies’ employees to know Microsoft 365 through gamification.

Large portfolio of questions

Thanks to its large portfolio of questions segmented by difficulty and application, PlayQuiz is an ideal complement to train your teams.

Possibility to customize and add specific questions

In addition, it has the possibility of customizing and adding specific questions for each of the clients; thus being an application that adapts to each use case and needs of companies.

PlayQuiz questions


Available questions​

PlayQuiz has more than 200 questions adaptable to each client’s use


Microsoft applications

Sharepoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Steam, Office365, Teams, Outlook, Planner, Forms, To-Do, OneNote


ENCAMINA Consultants​

They have developed questions of the most common cases that they have identified in their experience

What is PlayQuiz made of?

Benefits of introducing PlayQuiz in your organization

Identify the best champions in Office 365

Users learn while playing and competing

Introduce gamification in Microsoft Teams


Maximize learning speed

Questions thought by ENCAMINA experts

Who is behind TeamsMatrix?

TeamsMatrix has been developed and supported by ENCAMINA S.L, we are a national leader in the implementation of Microsoft cloud technologies. With our “Think in colors” attitude, our talent and our work we help companies in their smart transformation.

TeamsMatrix products are endorsed by Microsoft.

The applications respect compliance and system integrity

Our applications are certified by Microsoft and have been audited by them in terms of security and compliance, it is a need to be a certified provider and have the certified apps. Here you will find detailed information about the publisher attestation, data handling, security and compliance test and identity management.

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